Summer im Zeitlauf

Relax and enjoy on our farm im Zeitlauf. We are looking forward to seeing you.

The course of nature

Tender pink apple blossoms in spring, bright red currants in summer, rich blue grapes all through the vineyards in autumn, fields that lie idle in winter … that is the course of nature.

Our homemade treats

Delicious breakfast for everyone!

Whether you are an early bird or prefer to sleep in, every morning we prepare a rich breakfast buffet that suits every need, including crispy bread, homemade pies and jam, honey and organic products from the local farms. We will further indulge you with freshly brewed coffe, a variety of tea, homemade apple juice and elderflower syrup. Do you desire cheese and cold cuts? You are welcome!

What is more: Egg dishes are exclusively prepared with fresh eggs from the chickens on our farm. You should try them flavored with our homemade herbal salt – that is an insider’s tip!

Our farm

There is always work to do on our farm. Each season has its very own rhythm – it has always been this way.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and a fantastic view over the lake of Kaltern. Our guesthouse and farm are mostly run self-sufficiently, drawing the required energy for heating, air conditioning and electricity from renewable sources, that is geothermal heat and solar power. The water supply is provided by a spring on our farm, making the tap water 100% drinkable.

Take a break

Glowing sunsets. Chirpy birdsong. Fresh air – Breathe in and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Surrounded by rich nature, wild grasses and flowers, lush greenery – that is how our guesthouse presents itself. Its thick masonry stone walls blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. 365 days of the year they provide our guests with a place of retreat and shelter that is both, peaceful and in harmony with nature. Here is where we live, celebrate and work, where good company is much appreciated and the finer things in life are highly valued. Come be our guest!

Admirable craftmanship

Woven artwork realised by my mother’s skillful hands

The lampshades and baskets in our suites are handcrafted by my mother. She has an incredible gift to transform natural resources into moments of joy, using willow twigs and vines to create wickerwork and decorative elements. Thus, the remnants of the annual grapevine pruning are re-used in a meaningful manner, becoming valuable objects of everyday life.


The traditional knowledge about how to grow wine and fruit runs deep within our family: My grandparents and my parents have both cultivated wine and fruit yards. Yet the farm is now run according to our own concept. We primarily grow white whine varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.

If you can hear cackling chickens, fresh eggs aren’t far away either. So, are you ready for this special treat?

Kaltern: Farm holidays

Natural swimming pool and comfortable sunbeds

If you like bathing, whether it is in the pool or in the sunlight, look no further. Our natural swimming pool and the modern and comfortable sunbeds alongside it are the perfect place to do so. What is more, the water in our pool is supplied by the spring on our farm, thus coming directly from the surrounding mountains. This is the reason for its crystal clear colour. An elaborate filter system allows it to clean itself without the need to add in a lot of harsh chemicals.